We must change the slitting machine into the old look and adopt advanced control system

With the continuous development of packaging technology and the improvement of packaging grades, the performance requirements of packaging materials for packaged items have become increasingly prominent, and many materials with special properties have emerged, such as aluminum-coated films with light-shielding effects and high surface quality requirements. The continuous application of various new materials such as CPP film with high rate of production and multi-material composite film with high barrier performance has promoted the rapid development of the flexible packaging market. With the growth of market demand and the development of special application fields, the requirements for cutting of packaging materials are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for cutting equipment are also becoming more and more stringent. On the other hand, with the gradual promotion of automatic packaging equipment in the packaging industry, such as food packaging, cigarette packaging, etc., these are very picky about the quality of the cut materials, which makes the slitting machine to high-grade, high-precision Control brings a broad space for development.

After a period of product development, people know more and more about it, more and more people use it, and the market demand is also increasing. After a certain period of development, the product gradually matures, so it has entered a high-speed development Period, at this stage, because of the huge profit margin of this kind of machine, many manufacturers have obtained some technologies and resources for production through various means. Join the ranks of production and sales of slitting machines. Balancing the growing needs of this market. In a lot of use, some general problems and even some minor problems on some machines have been solved. The machine is constantly being improved, but different manufacturers use different solutions, which make the machine have different styles. Formed a scene of a hundred flowers blooming. At this stage, due to the increasing number of manufacturers, the price is decreasing day by day. Profits are getting lower and lower, and finally, prices have dropped to near the cost line, and manufacturers have begun to compete for product costs and sales capabilities.

In the market, many slitting machines are operated with old control systems, which is far from satisfying the rapid development of the industry at this stage. We must change the old appearance of slitting machines and adopt advanced control systems. Such as advanced electrical sensors and so on. Because the old slitting machine control system has a certain lag in the operation of crimping and material feeding control, which will affect the processing and production of the equipment and affect the efficiency of processing. With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, people have higher technical requirements for equipment. Take the slitting machine as an example, the traditional slitting machine no longer has an absolute advantage in the market competition, and its equipment can no longer meet the needs of most production.

Chinese slitting machine manufacturers keep pace with the development of the times, and they are constantly facing the international market. Some of them use the sales resources of international brands to achieve export. Use its online channels in the international market to export complementary host products; OEM products for host products; invest in the establishment of host production bases in foreign target markets to achieve localized assembly and manufacturing. It is a major goal for the development of China’s slitting machine to clarify the industrial strategic positioning, accelerate the integration of enterprise resources, cultivate world-class Chinese machinery industry enterprises, and cultivate and support strong enterprises in China’s machinery industry to develop into world-class Chinese machinery industry enterprises. Support qualified enterprises to enter the industrial chain of the international machinery industry, support qualified advantageous enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the industrial chain and supply chain of the international engineering industry, and maximize the use of existing resources.


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