Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Line

The stainless steel coil slitting machine is a production line to slit stainless steel coil to required widths of baby coils at high speed in high precision, composed of uncoiler, disc slitter, plate type tensioner, recoiler, and other auxiliary units like coil loading car, pinch feeder, loop pit, side guide, edge scrap winder, coils unloading car, etc.

Features of Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine

  1. Uncoiler, Slitter and Recoilers are controlled by digital DC converters, easy to maintain.
  2. Safety protection measures such as overload protection, shortcut protection, emergency stop, are available.
  3. PLC control, monitor and display critical parameters, interlink and fault alarms.
  4. The upper arbor of slitter are lifted up-down by motor, the slit strips sizes are flexibly adjusted by spacers.

Flow Chart Of The Slitting Line

Put a coil on preparation saddle→loading car sends coil to uncoiler→centralize uncoiler in Jog→press roller presses on coil top→cut off coil strapping and open coil head→pinch feeder and preleveler→coil head shear→pit loop1→side guide→slitter→pit loop2→Tension station→Recoiler→unloading


Main Machines Of The Slitting Line

1. Hydraulic coil-loading car:

To send coils from coil stock to uncoiler and load the coil onto uncoiling center.

2. Uncoiler:

To support stainless steel coil and uncoil the stainless steel coil, in treading stage active uncoiling, in auto working back tension uncoiling.

3. 5 rolls preleveler:

To pinch feed coil head forward to cascade roll loop, to level steel sheet to flat, good for afterward fine leveling and cutting.

4. Disc slitter:

To slit steel strip to required widths of baby strips.

5. Scrap winder:

Located at two sides of disc slitter, to wind up the edge scraps after edge trimming.

6. Pre-separator:

Located before recoiler, pre-separate slit strips twice, and provide proper recoiling tension.

7. Floor backrest coil-discharging car:

To unload the slit coils from recoiler mandrel and move the coils out under the pushing of recoiler pusher, and send coils onto turnstile arm.

8. 4-arm turnstile:

Designed to strap the baby coils on the turnstile, reduce auxiliary time for strapping on recoiler mandrel.

Main technology parameters

Material Thickness (mm)0.15~1.50.2-2.00.3-3.00.5-4.0
Material Width Range (mm)750-13001600-18001800-2000200-1600
Slitting Strips2-202-202-152-15
Product Precision (mm)±0.1±0.1±0.15±0.15
Linear Speed (mm)10-200 (250)10-200 (250)10-150 (200)10-150 (200)
Coil Weight (T)10152025
ID (mm)Φ508 & Φ610Φ508 & Φ610Φ508 & Φ610Φ508 & Φ610
OD (mm)Φ508Φ508Φ508Φ508
Blade Shaft (mm)Φ205Φ220Φ240Φ240


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