Stainless Steel Coil Cut To Length Line

The stainless steel coil cut to length line is a production line of cutting stainless steel coil to length after uncoiling and leveling, composed of uncoiler, leveler, NC length feeder, high speed rotary shear, stacker, etc.
The process of uncoiling, leveling, cutting, stacking is automatic without stretch tension to the sheet. The control system is PLC servo control and HMI touch screen, the operator input the cut length and quantity on the screen. Moreover, the touch screen has the functions of setting feeding speed, setting auto and manual exchange, feeding length setting, feeding pieces setting, automatic start, automatic stop, pause, counter reset, forward, backward, shear up, shear down, abnormal alarm, etc.
After manual coil head threading, the whole line work automatically.

Flow Chart Of The Cut To Length Line

After uncoiling, the steel sheet pass through 6high leveler, length feeder measures sheet length and controls rotary shear to cut sheet to set length; The belt conveyor delivers the cut sheet to first stacker, the scissor table automatically comes down with the piled sheets height increasing on the table, when the sheets number reaches set quantity, push button on panel to switch the sheet conveying to second stacker. Press button to let first scissor table to lower to bottom, then output roll table deliver the sheets out to operation side. This way, one steel coil cutting is continuous and efficient.


Main Machines Of The Cut To Length Line

1. Coil-loading car:

Load steel coil to uncoiler. Composed of support rollers, up-down moving mechanism, drive mechanism, base and four wheels.

2. Uncoiling:

To support steel coil and uncoil the steel coil, in treading stage active uncoiling, in auto working back tension uncoiling.

3. Pinch feeder:

To pinch feed steel sheet and finely level steel plates to precision flatness.

4. 6 Roller leveling machine:

The rollers are precisely machined by CNC center, parallelism of each layer rollers no more than 0.02mm.

5. Servo length-fixer

Adopt two-roll anti-retreating, five-roll leveling, two-roll fixed rule structure type.

6. Flying rotary shear:

Cut steel sheet coming from NC feeder to set length, dual crank shafts drive upper and lower blades to rotate and shear, composed of movable blade aprons, gearbox, servo motor, etc.

7. Stop shearer

2×1500 mechanical fast stop shearer to shear out steel plates of certain length with pneumatic clutch to fast stop and start to realize fast cutting, when the servo system measures the precise sheet length.

8. Conveyor belt

Mechanically driven, convey sheets to piling up bracket.

9. Pneumatic sheet piling-up bracket:

It is composed of stand, adjusting device, piling-up device, discharging device and position-controlling device.

10. Hydraulic Up-down sheet arraying platform

Structure of lifting table: lifting table body, hydraulic cylinder, sheets discharging railway.

11. Discharging output car:

Structure of Sheets collecting table: H beam welded assembly, axis of working wheels, walking wheels, drive motor.

12. Electric Control System:

Automatic running of the whole line is by Siemens PLC control.

Main technology parameters

Material Thickness (mm)0.11-1.20.2-2.00.3-3.00.3-3.0
Material Width Range (mm)200-1300200-1600300-1550 &1800300-1600 & 1800
Linear Speed (m/min)0-600-600-600-60
Cutting Length Range (mm)300-4000300-4000300-4000300-6000
Stacking Range (mm)300-4000300-4000300-6000300-6000
Cutting Length Precision (mm)+0.3+0.3+0.5+0.5
Coil Weight (T)10 & 1515 & 2020 & 2520 & 25
Leveling Diameter (mm)65 (50)65 (50)85 (65)100 (80)
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