High-precision Track Shear Cut To Length Line

The High-precision Track Shear Cut To Length Line is used for continuous shearing of steel plates to lengths as required. It consists of three parts: mobile frame part, machine base, motor, crankshaft and servo transmission part. Mobile frame part is composed of movable lower knife seat, fixed upper knife seat, upper and lower cutting blades and guiding mechanism. The moving frame part is driven by a servo motor through a special low-backlash reducer, which drives the frame through gears and racks, and the frame slides reciprocally on the linear guide rail. The electric control system and servo motor control and execute the set cutting data.

Flow Chart Of The Cut To Length Line

The cutting power source of this machine is the motor driving the flywheel, and the upper knife rest is driven by the pneumatic clutch to cut the sheet. When working, the manual control system inputs and sets the fixed length of the steel plate, and manually controls the shearing steel head at the starting position of the moving shear and completes the system reset at the same time. Start the plate shearing machine and start the whole line of equipment. The computer of this machine automatically collects signals such as the running speed of the steel plate and the running length from the starting point position, and automatically completes the starting, tracking and other speed running shears, moving the rack back and other actions and automatically enters the next cycle. The tail pinch roller is arranged at the entrance of the machine frame, and the tail pinch roller is pressed down by a cylinder and driven by a hydraulic motor. When the board tail leaves the leveler, the board tail pinch roller is pressed down, and the motor drives the board tail to output backward.


Main Machines Of The Cut To Length Line

HR Coil Uncoiling-Leveling –Cut to Length Line
This series line is used for HR coil(0.2mm-3.0mm) with different specifications, through uncoiling-leveling-cut to length to flattened plate as needed length.
Composed of coil car, double support un-coiler, hydraulic pressing and guiding, shovel head, pre-leveler, finish leveler, cut to length machine, stacker, accompany electric control system, hydraulic system, etc. as well as pendulum middle plate, steering device.
1. Hydraulic coil-loading car:

To send coils from coil stock to uncoiler and load the coil onto uncoiling center.

2. Uncoiling:

Working style: axial expansion of mandrel by hydraulic cylinder driving wedge sliders.

3. Coil-head press roller:

Structure: welding assembly with steel plates, up-down movement by hydraulic cylinder

4. 8 Roller leveling Machine:

Adopt 2+5 roller leveling structure type (2 rolls pinch 5 rolls straighten 1 straight head roll).

5. Accumulator:

Structure: hole with cement walls, two turnover plates to cover the hole, so that strip pass over and accumulate some strip in the hole.

6. Side guide:

To adjust one side of vertical rollers by double lead screws with adjusting range: 400-1300mm.

7. 23 roller leveling machine:

Adopt two-roll anti-retreating, five-roll leveling, two-roll fixed rule structure type.

8. Coding roller ruler:

The working principle is that the cut-to-length roll sends a signal through the rotary roller encoder to the display to set the cut-to-length control.

9. High speed moving shearer:

The machine is used for continuous shear according to the requirements of the length of steel plate equipment.

10. Conveyor belt:

Mechanically driven, convey sheets to piling up bracket.

11. Pneumatic sheet piling-up bracket:

It is composed of stand, adjusting device, piling-up device, discharging device and position-controlling device.

12. Discharging output car:

Structure of Sheets collecting table: H beam welded assembly, axis of working wheels, walking wheels, drive motor.

13. Hydraulic system, Pneumatic system:

Hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic station and hydraulic accessories like valves.

14. Electric Control System:

Automatic running of the whole line is by Siemens PLC control.

Main technology parameters

TypeThickness (mm)Width Range (mm)Coil Weight (T)Straightening Accuracy (mm/㎡)Length Accuracy (mm/M)Linear Speed (m/min)
JB2mm0.2-2.01250 &155020≤0.8≤±0.5080
JB3mm0.3-3.01250 &155020≤0.8≤±0.5080
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