High-precision Cut-to-length Line

This high-precision cut-to-length line is to uncoil, level and cut hot-rolled steel coils, stainless steel coils, and thick plates into various specifications of cut-to-length plates, and can be equipped with trimming function.
The main components of the hydraulic system of the cut to length line are high-precision components from Taiwan. The electrical control uses imported PLC program controllers and touch screens for full-line function control. The main motor for leveling uses DC motors. High cutting precision, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance.

Flow Chart Of The Cut-to-length Line


Main Machines Of The Cut-to-length Line

HR Coil Uncoiling-Leveling –Cut to Length Line
This series line is used for HR coil(0.5mm-28mm) with different specifications, through uncoiling-leveling-cut to length to flattened plate as needed length.
Composed of coil car, double support un-coiler, hydraulic pressing and guiding, shovel head, pre-leveler, finish leveler, cut to length machine, stacker, accompany electric control system, hydraulic system, etc. as well as pendulum middle plate, steering device.
1. Hydraulic coil-loading car:

To send coils from coil stock to uncoiler and load the coil onto uncoiling center.

2. Single-mandrel uncoiling:

Working style: axial expansion of mandrel by hydraulic cylinder driving wedge sliders.

3. Coil-head press roller

Structure: welding assembly with steel plates, up-down movement by hydraulic cylinder

4. Main Leveler with shoveling plates:

Double guide pillars, driven by hydraulic cylinder Φ80×600mm

5. Hole Accumulator

Hole with cement walls, two turnover plates to cover the hole, so that strip pass over and accumulate some strip in the hole.

6. Side guide

To adjust one side of vertical rollers by double lead screws with adjusting range: 400-1300mm.

7. Servo length-fixer

Adopt two-roll anti-retreating, five-roll leveling, two-roll fixed rule structure type.

8. Stop shearer

2×1500 mechanical fast stop shearer to shear out steel plates of certain length with pneumatic clutch to fast stop and start to realize fast cutting, when the servo system measures the precise sheet length.

9. Conveyor belt

Mechanically driven, convey sheets to piling up bracket.

10. Pneumatic sheet piling-up bracket

It is composed of stand, adjusting device, piling-up device, discharging device and position-controlling device.

11. Hydraulic Up-down sheet arraying platform

Structure of lifting table: lifting table body, hydraulic cylinder, sheets discharging railway.

12. Discharging output car

Structure of Sheets collecting table: H beam welded assembly, axis of working wheels, walking wheels, drive motor.

13. Hydraulic system, Pneumatic system:

Hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic station and hydraulic accessories like valves.

14. Electric Control System:

Automatic running of the whole line is by Siemens PLC control.

Main technology parameters

Material Thickness (mm)0.11-1.20.2-2.00.3-3.00.3-3.0
Material Width Range (mm)200-1300200-1600300-1550 &1800300-1600 & 1800
Linear Speed (m/min)0-600-600-600-60
Cutting Length Range (mm)300-4000300-4000300-4000300-6000
Stacking Range (mm)300-4000300-4000300-6000300-6000
Cutting Length Precision (mm)+0.3+0.3+0.5+0.5
Coil Weight (T)10 & 1515 & 2020 & 2520 & 25
Leveling Diameter (mm)65 (50)65 (50)85 (65)100 (80)
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