Automatic Cut To Length And Slitting Combine Line

The cut to length and slitting combine line is a one-stop processing of cold and hot coils foruncpiler, slitting, recoiler, transverseshearing and flat stacker. The site and cost are effectively saved.The equipment is controlled by PLC programming, with the touch screen as the human-machine interface, automatic and manual interchangeable settings, with automatic start button, automatic stop button, temporary stop button, emergency stop button, abnormal alarm and other functions, with perfect performance and Very advanced.After the manual threading of the equipment is completed, the rest of the time the whole line can be in an automatic working state!

Flow Chart Of The Combine Line


Main Machines Of The Combine Line

Standard configuration: decoiler, coil end feeding and shoveling, pre-levelling, spoke bridge, limit side guideslitting machine, edge wire winder, leveling host, loop, positioning machine, cutting machine, conveyortable, stacker, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on.
1. Hydraulic coil-loading car:

To send coils from coil stock to uncoiler and load the coil onto uncoiling center.

2. Cantilever-mandrel Un-coiler:

Structure: welding assembly of steel plates, hydraulic expansion mandrel and gearbox transmission.

3. Double-roller pinch feeder & Five-roller Leveler and Shear:

Function: pinch feed steel strip into first pit loop, level the strip to be flat, cut off irregular strip head.

4. End-cutting equipment:

To cut off the redundant end of coil, here install one hydraulic shearing equipment.

5. Transmission roll table:

Roll table dimensions: 4000mm L, 2500mm W, 800mm H.

6. Aligning equipment:

Vertical rollers to restrict the progressing position of strip, while horizontal rollers to press strip.

7. Disc slitter machine:

Composed of movable slitter, drive unit and base, etc.

8. Scrap reeling:

Function: to wind up and collect edge scraps of slitting.

9. Transmission roll table 2:

Function: to synchronize the speed of slitting speed and recoiling speed by accumulating steel strip in loop.

10. Pre-separator and Tensioner:

It is composed of twice pre separating, press roller, tensioner, pinch rollers, shear, deflector roller, base, etc.

11. Re-coiler and Separator:

Hydraulic expansion mandrel: gripper clamps strips heads, hydraulic cylinder pull the wedge sliders around main shaft to move and thus outer segments expand.

12. Coil-discharging car:

Structure: two wheels, four support poles, car body by welding.

13. Hydraulic system, Pneumatic system:

Hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic station and hydraulic accessories like valves.

14. Electric Control System:

Automatic running of the whole line is by Siemens PLC control.

Main technology parameters

TypeThickness (mm)Width Range (mm)Coil Weight (T)Straightening Accuracy (mm/㎡)Length Accuracy (mm/M)Linear Speed (m/min)
JB6mm1.0-6.01500 & 200030≤1≤±0.880
JB12mm2.0-12.01500 & 200035≤1.5≤±130
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