Aluminum Coil Slitting Line

This aluminum coil slitting line is a specialized shearing equipment which goes through the procedures of uncoiling, slitting and recoiling to process the wide aluminum coil into the required narrow aluminum coil.

Equipment Features

  1. Main action of the equipment are hydraulic driven and auto-controlled which reduces human labor and working intensity.
  2. Protection to the panel is taken into consideration throughout the design and manufacture of this production line.
  3. Uncoiler, slitter and recoiler rack: heavy box rack to guarantee equipment strength.
  4. All welding components in the production line are tempered in large furnace to eliminate welding internal stress. So they will not deform from the release of residual internal stress which may influence the stability of equipment accuracy.
  5. Large components are one-time processed by large lathe or CNC, which ensures the overall accuracy.
  6. Select international standard spare parts, international well-known brands, convenient for buyers to purchase locally.
  7. PLC control the whole line centrally, Full-digital DC variable frequency controller is adopted.
  8. Automatic measurement of slitting length.
  9. Automatic control of slitting speed.
  10. Emergency stop and alarm; lighting device is equipped in key positions.
  11. The whole line is equipped with strip end automatic detection, automatically reduce speed to process strip end.
  12. The electrical automation system has overload protection, open circuit protection, emergency stop function and other safety protection measures.

Flow Chart Of The Slitting Line

loader → decoiler → shovel head guiding device →pinch roller device→working table → guider→ shear for Coil head device → looping 1 →side guiding device→ slitting machine →scrape rewinder→looping 2# →hydraulic separator →recoiler→unloader


Main Machines Of The Slitting Line

1. Hydraulic coil-loading car:

To send coils from coil stock to uncoiler and load the coil onto uncoiling center.

2. Hydraulic decoiler:

Supporting the coil and realizes the unwinding function. When the coil is into decoiler, it is actively uncoiled. When it is in normal operation, it is driven unwinding.

3. Shovel head mechanism:

Used for the beginning of the coil, the wear belt, the contact plate head, straightening the bending part of the plate head, so that the plate head can smoothly enter the pinch roller.

4. One pair of pinch roller:

Take the panel to the straight machine, down roller fixed. Up rollers lifting through the air cylinder. Up and down roller are all initiative control.

5. Looping 1#:

It is mainly convenient for guiding the correcting plate of the side guide correction device to eliminate the difference in the speeds before and after the operation

6. Side guiding device:

It is used for positioning in the direction of the board width to prevent the deviation of the steel plate.

7. Slitting machine:

It is a key component of the production line and directly affects the precision of the finished plate.

8. Scrap rewinder:

Scrape rewinder is a device that winds up scraps.

9. Hydraulic separator:

There are two groups to ensure that the strips run on their own track and do not run or twist.

10. Tension pad:

The tension station is a device for tensioning the steel strip before it enters the coiler after slitting. It is used to generate the tension required for coiling.

11. Exit coil car:

The car is a device that drags the horizontal movement of the cylinder, and the hydraulic cylinder lifts the strip from the coiler.

12. Electric Control System:

Automatic running of the whole line is by Siemens PLC control.

Main technology parameters

Material Thickness (mm)0.15~1.50.2-2.00.3-3.00.5-4.0
Material Width Range (mm)750-13001600-18001800-2000200-1600
Slitting Strips2-202-202-152-15
Product Precision (mm)±0.1±0.1±0.15±0.15
Linear Speed (mm)10-200 (250)10-200 (250)10-150 (200)10-150 (200)
Coil Weight (T)10152025
ID (mm)Φ508 & Φ610Φ508 & Φ610Φ508 & Φ610Φ508 & Φ610
OD (mm)Φ508Φ508Φ508Φ508
Blade Shaft (mm)Φ205Φ220Φ240Φ240
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