3-6mm High-Precision Slitting Line

The 3-6mm high-precision slitting line is controlled by PLC programming, with the touch screen as the human-machine interface, automatic and manual interchangeable settings, with automatic start button, automatic stop button, temporary stop button, emergency stop button, abnormal alarm and other functions, with perfect performance and very advanced. After the manual threading of the slitting line is completed, the rest of the time the whole line can be in an automatic working state!

Flow Chart Of The Slitting Line

This high-precision steel coil slitting line is composed of main components such as uncoiling, pinch primary straightening, slitting, tensioning, and winding. When the coil slitting machine is working, after the steel coil is installed on the uncoiler, the steel plate is pressed into the pinch and sent to the primary leveling machine. For the material distribution tension station, the strip steel coil is finally coiled by the winder, and then packed and transported out of the production line by the unloading trolley.


Main Machines Of The Slitting Line

This 3-6mm high-precision slitting line is used to divide the different specifications of the coil along the length direction according to the need of different widths of the strip and wind up, the product can be used for rolling, welding pipe, cold forming, stamping and other materials. It can process all kinds of hot rolled coil plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminumplate and so on, At the same time, the replacement of different materials of the tool can be cut a variety of non-ferrous metal strip.
1. Coil loading car & Cantilever-mandrel Un-coiler:

To send coils from coil stock to uncoiler and load the coil onto uncoiling center. Mandrel radially expands through slider driven by hydraulic cylinder.

2. Coil-end feeding & shoveling equipment:

Structure: welding assembly with steel plates, up-down movement by hydraulic cylinder.

3. Double-roller pinch feeder & Five-roller Leveler and Shear:

Function: pinch feed steel strip into first pit loop, level the strip to be flat.

4. Hole Accumulator (1):

Function: to synchronize the speed of pinch feeding and leveling speed and slitting speed by detecting position of steel strip in loop.

5. Aligning equipment:

Structure: vertical rollers to restrict the progressing position of strip, while horizontal rollers to press strip.

6. Disc Slitting Machine:

Composed of movable slitter, drive unit and base, etc. disc cutters circle double spindles tight, and the spindles are installed on support stand.

7. Scrap reeling:

Structure: two scrap reelers, with one on each side of the slitting line

8. Hole Accumulator (2):

Structure: hole with cement walls, two pieces of turnover plate to more or less cover the hole, so as to accumulate some strip in the hole.

9. Pre-separator and tensioner:

Hydraulic expansion mandrel: gripper clamps strips heads, hydraulic cylinder pull the wedge sliders around main shaft to move and thus outer segments expand.

10. Pinch rollers and hydraulic cutting:

Hydraulic cylinders for upper shearing blade moving up-down.

11. Re-coiler and Separator:

Gear drive by gearbox, expansion and clamping of re-coiler is driven by hydraulic cylinder through slanting slider.

12. Electric Control System:

Automatic running of the whole line is by Siemens PLC control.

Main technology parameters

MaterialHR/CR carbon steel, galvanized plate, colored steel plate
Steel thickness3-6mm
Steel width800~2000mm
Steel coil I.D610mm
Steel coil O.DΦ2000mm
Max slit quantity5-20mm
Slit camber≦0.3mm/M
Recoil staggering≦±0.5mm
Recoil turriform≦±2.0mm
Slitting speedMax 80m/min
Capacity440 KW
Whole line DimensionAbout 35m Length x 13m Width
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