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Slitting line & CTL line Manufacturer

JingBo Industry

Slitting line

Slitting line is to slit a wide metal coil to narrow slit coils and then rewind the slit coils. The main units of a slitting line is uncoiler, coil-head opener, slitter, edge scrap winder, tensioner and recoiler. Our slitting line automatically slit a coil and recoil slit coils after metal strip threading. The slitting speed of our slitting line machines varies to the production request of slit coils, we design the slitting speed to satisfy each client’s actual demand. Commonly seen models divided by speed: 30-50m/min, 60m/min, 80m/min, 100m/min, 120m/min, 150m/min slitting lines. We call slitting lines of over 80m/min as high speed slitting lines. We have supplied our slitting lines to over 30 countries around the world, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kazakstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Algeria, Libya, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, America, Romania, Serabia, etc.

Cut to length line

Steel coil cutting to length line machine is one important metallurgical machinery to make flat steel sheets. The main composition of the steel coil cutting to length line includes: decoiler, leveler, shear and stacker. The material of input steel coils can be plain hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel(GI,GP), colored steel(PPGI), stainless steel, silicon steel, aluminum, copper, etc. We have supplied about 40 cut to length lines to customs around the world, they are satisfied with the performances of our machines.

About JingBo

Slitting line & CTL line manufacturer

Suzhou JingBo Industry Co., Ltd. is belongs to Saibo Gourp, our group main product is Slitting& CLT line, Roll Forming machine and Tube mill machine; Jingbo Industrial is a professional manufacturer of Slit &CTL line more than 20 years. The main products are High-precision Cut-to-length Line with different cutting mode, Slitting lines of various thicknesses. Our company which is located in Suzhou of Jiangsu province, near Shanghai port, with superior geographic position and convenient transportation. Our factory has more than 20,000m2 and 100 workers. We are one of the most professional machinery manufacturers in China, integrating design, production, sales and after-sales services. We supply best machines for our new and regular customers. Our goal is”future by heartiness, faith leads to the world”. Warmly welcome to visit our factory and we are looking forward to cooperating with you for mutual benefits.



220,000 ft²

Scale of Factory


Factory Engineers




Slitting line & CTL line manufacturer

Convenient Transport

Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, close to Zhangjiagang port, Shanghai port, and Shanghai International Airport, the traffic is very convenient.


Provide customers with high-quality products, and customize non-standard products according to customer needs, and provide complete design and manufacturing services.

Technological Innovation

We have professional engineering and technical personnel, and constantly develops new processes, new materials, and new technologies.

Professional Service

We provide 24 hours online consulting services, including email, telephone, video conference, etc. Let you get the best purchase and use experience.



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Slitting line & CTL line manufacturer

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Slitting Equipment has become the Leader in the Market

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